We welcome reviewes and articles about Space Editor so that more and more people will know about our game. If you have any questions, please contact us from the contact form below.


Contents of a press kit

A press kit is available for reviews, press, and articles.

The press kit contains:

  • a project brief
  • a Kickstarter campaign details sheet
  • a rulebook (PDF)
  • a copy of the playable beta version of the game (limited quantities)
    • a set of cards
    • a rulebook
    • a package
  •  logomarks, art, prototype images


Contact and Confidentiality Agreement

For inquiries about press etc., please contact us using this form.

(To receive a press kit, you have to agree with the Confidentiality Agreement.)


Confidentiality Agreement

The information and data uploaded to press kit are secret information and may only be disclosed to limited persons and bodies. Their use must be limited to the following.

The information and data uploaded to press kit may only be used for press (review articles/videos and release announcement) and test play. Any other use is prohibited.

Alteration, reuse, or redistribution of the obtained information is prohibited. Misappropriation or stealing of the product and its idea is strictly prohibited.



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