What is Space Editor?


Space Editor is a battle card game whose theme is the creation of the universe. As a player, you will become an incarnation of a god that governs an element constituting the universe. Create the universe and own it with strong control!





A new customizable tabletop tactical card game

Deep strategy

The strategic aspect of Space editor lies in reading and managing multiple conditions such as temporal and geographical conditions. With good strategy, even incidental developments can be put under control. As each player formulates their own strategies, you can feel the depth of the game like when you play chess.


The creation of the universe

In Vedic mythology, the entire universe including five elements and the earth we live in were completed when "Brahma" emerged. In Space Editor, you will recreate the moment the universe was created through the friction of the five elements.

Battle game

Each player becomes an incarnation of a god that governs one of the four elements: water, wind, earth, and fire. Players take turns placing planets and stars with energy as powerful as God. You have to read stars like an astrologer and advance the game so that the element you govern has the strongest control. One universe will be created as each game finishes. The player who governs the most dominant element in the universe is a winner.

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Package Contents

Water deck including 24 cards

Wind deck including 24 cards

Earth deck including 24 cards

Fire deck including 24 cards

1 Basepoint card

84 Deck custom cards

+ 5 Basepoint cards(KICKSTARTER stretch goal)

Game mechanics


Each player chooses one of the four elements: fire, wind, earth, and water, and start a game with a deck of cards of the chosen element. Each card has characteristics unique to the element it represents. The more games you play, the better you will be at building strategies.

The vast universe

There are four types of cards in Space Editor: star cards, planet cards, ability cards, and a basepoint card. Star cards have victory points and will lead you to victory. Planet cards are powerful weapons; they can attack opponents' star cards or protect yours. Ability cards are the key to your strategy. Players take turns placing those cards. The player with the highest score (the sum of the victory points of face-up star cards when the game ends) is a winner. The basepoint card is the center of the universe. It should be first placed and the game will start by connecting other cards to the basepoint card.


You can customize decks or build one by yourself. Before you start, you have to learn about the abilities unique to each element. In Space Editor, every card belongs to a specific card set, which is written at the bottom of each card. All cards included in one card set are contained in one package. As you get a package for each card set, you can collect all cards.


Use of funds

We decided to start a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production cost. This will be a good opportunity for people all over the world to know about Space Editor, and we hope the community created by crowdfunding will grow bigger and bigger. We believe that communication and conversation which take place in the community will improve the quality of the game. Our goal is to become closer to players and grow and expand Space Editor together with its community.

Kickstarter rewards

In addition to a copy of the starter pack, we are preparing various rewards such as sticker sheets, art book, etc., which are only available at Kickstarter. We are also thinking about developing users' original cards and adding backers' names in the credit.

Stretch goals

Kickstarter-exclusive graphics, upgraded package and contents, purchase proof serial-numbered card, etc.





space editor's big picture

Schedule of updates on expansion


We are planning to develop three expansions of Space Editor. The first one, "5th.element", features the vicious fifth element which does not appear in the starter package. The second expansion unlocks new gods who do not appear in the starter pack. In this edition, the gods will become closer to players. In the third expansion, life born in the universe will evolve and come to control stars with their prominent technology. This will be the beginning of a new creation of the universe.


Customization and expansion

Space Editor is a customizable card game. In conventional customizable card games, new cards are usually released in a card set. Though Space Editor follows the same step at the moment, we have a more flexible expansion plan for future releases. The world of Space Editor will complete with the starter pack and three expansions. After that, there will be a dynamic development and the universe controlled by gods, elements, and life will expand infinitely.



press & review

We welcome reviews and articles about Space Editor so that more and more people will know about our game. We will answer to your questions if you have any. A press kit including a playable beta version of the game is available. For more information, please see the details below.

Find out what people are saying about Space Editor!

From Planszówkowe Trele Scovrona

"I really like Space Editor. In a small box we get basically two games – a lightweight, fairly random filler, or a nice, strategic mind-bending duel. Due to the small size it can always be carried with you."

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From theMCGuiRE review

"I definitely recommend looking for this one as over the course of game play you build a beautiful space layout on the table with stars and planets and tactically make decisions on the fly that effect the rest of the game and the cards you have available to you as a player. Fun, simple, good game."

From Tantrum House

"The art works well for this game and I like the square cards. It feels new and fresh for a card game. This is an abstract strategy card game but the asymmetrical powers make it really fun."

From UndeadVikingVideos

"The artwork and everything is really fantastic. There's two different ways to play and I enjoyed them both a great deal. (For half game mode) I really liked the mystery of the two cards and having to discard one. (For full game mode) Lifelong gamers type of people will really enjoy the strategy elements and the tactical elements."

From Board Game Capital

"Space Editor is a fun packed, space themed, possibility intense and strategically challenging game for the light hearted gamer as well as the hardcore gamers out there. It’s a high quality game packaged in a small box with great illustrations and a thorough rule book. Space Editor is definitely a game you’ll want to learn more about, buy, play and keep for years to come."

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